Welcome to Admissions

Welcome to Admissions

Our admission policy is designed to streamline the enrollment process for your child at ATLAS International School. To secure a place at our school, kindly follow the steps outlined below. You can access admission forms by clicking here.

How to Apply


Parents of prospective students may visit the official website of ATLAS International School, www.atlas.org, to submit an online admission application or visit the school administration office in person to register their child.


Remittance of the registration fee is required. This can be done by online transfer or in person at the administration office. Please be advised that without the payment of the registration fee, the child’s application will not be considered for further evaluation.


Upon payment of the registration fee, the admissions office will schedule an appropriate date for the applicant to take their entrance exams.


After completion of the entrance exams, the applicant can expect to receive a response from the school within a timeframe of two days.

Should the applicant successfully pass their entrance exams, a “Student Admission Approval Form” will be sent to the filing officer, bearing the signature of the Academic Affairs Office. The filing officer will then reach out to the applicant’s parents to notify them of the outcome. The applicant will receive an “Acceptance Letter” from the Admissions Officer.

The parents of the accepted applicant are expected to present themselves at the Admissions Office to submit the necessary documents, the list of which can be found on the school’s website.


Finally, the payment of the first installment of the tuition fees is required to complete the admission process. Upon confirmation that the applicant’s file is complete, and all the necessary documents have been submitted, the first installment of the tuition fee must be paid at the Admissions Office. Once the first installment has been received, the admission procedure will be deemed complete.

For the detailed fee structure, click here.

You may access the admission forms by clicking here.

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